16th SINA Meeting 2018

16th Stable Isotope Network Austria Meeting
November 22-23, 2018 in Graz
SINA - Vortrag an der TU GrazBlick in den Hörsaal
Sina 2018 in der TU GrazSina 2018 – Im Gespräch
The 16th Austrian Stable Isotope User Group Meeting was jointly organized by the Institute of Applied Geosciences (Graz University of Technology), the Institute of Earth Sciences (Graz University) and JR-AquaConSol.
TU Graz
Stable isotope analyses provide exciting new approaches in a variety of current research topics ranging from Earth and Biological to Forensic and Medical Sciences. This meeting aims to bring together researchers and students in an informal workshop-like atmos­phere to improve communication and interaction within and across disciplines and institutions. The meeting will include invited and contributed talks, as well as poster presentations.
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